VTC Grand Slam Information -

2011 Season - Celebrating VTC's Fourteenth Season!



Maintaining the Tradition of 2002 when VTC was

 Named by the USTA/PNW
"2002 Adult Tournament of the Year"!

VTC's GS #1 'The Australian' Singles has been classified as a Level II NTRP Tournament for 2010

Tournament Directors:
Brent Waddle / Dick McLaughlin / Greg Conn / Mike Mon

(For Results of the Grand Slam Events to date...)

 Playing for

  • The best singles player

  • The best men and women's doubles team

  • The best mixed doubles team


    In the Greater Vancouver-Portland area in each level! Four tournaments to establish the best of the best in the Vancouver-Portland area! Players with the highest ranking at the end of the fourth tournament each year receive a Gift Certificate (see Rule #2 below).   ALL TOURNAMENTS COUNT TOWARDS YOUR RANKING!  Think of the VTC Rankings as a Greater Portland/Vancouver ladder listing the best players in each level and event based on their tournament play at the VTC Grand Slam Tournaments!  Remember that you will be competing with players at your own level.  In addition to your VTC Grand Slam points from playing in VTC Grand Slam Tournaments which could earn you Gift Certificates, you will also receive NTRP points for your PNW ranking.



    TWELFTH Annual VTC Tournament Event- catch the Tournament Fever and Excitement!

    The following will be used to calculate Grand Slam Points: (Rules Revised 012/09 by Grand Slam Committee):


     Four Tournaments used to determine 2009 GS points:

    Mark these dates in your calendar NOW!  Seeding in each GS event will be based upon current GS points or knowledge of the tournament director

      1. Points awarded separately for Singles, Men's and Women's Doubles and Mixed Double and to individuals, not teams. Points also awarded separately per class (Open, 4.5, 4.0, 3.5, 3.0). Total Points earned for each and every tournament entered over the year will be added together over these four tournaments - you will get credit for each and every tournament played in.  (Play in all four tournaments to enhance your shot at the top prizes for the year!)  Maximum points you can obtain are 400 for your best four tournaments if you win each tournament.
      2. For each level and event after Grand Slam #4 each year, the person with the highest ranking will be awarded first place, second highest ranking will be awarded second place, etc.  The following prizes will be awarded  (Gift Certificates are good at Players Racquet Shop):


        Place Singles Doubles
        First $50 Gift Certificate + Free Entry Next Year VTC GS Tourney $30 Gift Certificate + Free Entry Next Year VTC GS Tourney
        Second $25 Gift Certificate + Free Entry Next Year VTC GS Tourney $30 Gift Certificate + Free Entry Next Year VTC GS Tourney
        Third Free Entry Next Year VTC GS Tourney $15 Gift Certificate + Free Entry Next Year VTC GS Tourney
        Fourth   $15 Gift Certificate + Free Entry Next Year VTC GS Tourney
        Fifth   Free Entry Next Year VTC GS Tourney
        Sixth   Free Entry Next Year VTC GS Tourney

         (For past winners, click on 1998 Results or 1999 Results or 2000 Results or 2001 Results or 2002 Results, 2003 Results, 2004 Results, 2005 Results, 2006 Results, 2007 Results, 2008 Results, 2009 Results)

      3. In case of a tie, the following will be used: FIRST the player with the best finish in their event in any tournament; SECOND  best finish in latest tournament; THIRD coin flip. [Note: if a doubles team plays exactly the same tournament with each other, they will be declared a tie at whatever position they finish at the end of the year and split the prizes for those places.  For example, each player in a doubles team ties with the second most points - they will then split 2nd and 3rd place prizes and each player will earn a gift certificate of $22.50 (($30+$15)/2).]
      4. If an event does not have four events over the season, then prize money will be prorated for how many tournaments 'go' over the season.  For example, Men's 3.0 Doubles has only 3 tournaments during the year because no one entered the French 3.0 Men's Doubles.  Then 'First Place' in Men's Doubles would receive at the end of the year $22.50 ($30*3/4) instead of the normal $30.  Note: Third Place in Singles and Fifth and Sixth Place in Doubles will only be awarded if more then 2 tournaments are played during the year in an event (new rule)
      5. Mixed Doubles will be a combined NTRP event.  For example, 8.0 Mixed Doubles can have a team with a 4.5 player and a 3.5 player.  However, there cannot be more than 1.0 difference in NTRP ranking between players.  Men's Doubles and Women's Doubles will continue to be by NTRP ratings.  For example 3.5 Women's Doubles must have women player rated at 3.5 level or below - it is NOT a combined rating of 7.0 players.
      6. Even though it is advantageous to play in all four events during a year in any one category for maximum ranking points, there will not be a special year end prize for playing in all 4 events at the end of the year.
      7. The Grand Slam results will be posted within three weeks at VTC after each tournament and also posted on the Internet (http://www.tennisinfo4u.com).
      8. All attempts will be made to mail out End of Year Awards before Thanksgiving of each year.
      9. There will be specific points awarded in a 3 Team Round Robin and 4 Team Draw as follows:
        3 Team Round Robin:    First = 100; Second = 50; Third = 20
        4 Team Draw:               First = 100; Second = 60; Third = 45; Fourth = 20

        9.  For more than 4 teams in a draw, Grand Slam Points for each tournament will be awarded as follows:

    Position Main Draw 
    (9 or more Entries)
    Main Draw 
    (5-8 Entries)
    Champion  100 Points 100 Points
    Finalist 80 Points 70 Points
    Semis 70 Points 50 Points
    Quarters 60 Points  
    Round of 16 50 Points  

    Note: Must win a round to get points in Main Draw.  'Bye' and 'Default' do not count towards winning a round.

    Position Consolation 
    (9 or more Entries)
    (5-8 Entries)
    Winner 55 Points 40 Points
    Runner Up 45 Points 30 Points
    Win 2 Rounds 35 Points  
    Win 1 Round 25 Points  
    Playing Consolation 20 Points 20 Points

    Note: If lose in the main draw and drop out of the Consolation, player receives 10 points.
    Note: Bye and Default do not count towards winning a round.

    Good Luck and Have Fun Player's Racquet Shops and Wilson Racquet Sports are sponsoring VTC's Grand Slam.

    VTC Map:


    General Rule Information for Each Tournament:

    1. Consolations will be held for all events.
    2. A current USTA card will be required for all participants.
    3. Entrants must play at or above their NTRP rated level, except Mixed Doubles.  For Mixed Doubles, combined Doubles Team NTRP must be at or below the combined NTRP event level.  Maximum difference between players in Mixed Doubles must not exceed 1.0 NTRP point.
    4. Juniors under age 19 must play in the 'Open' category.
    5. USTA rules and code of ethics will govern play.
    6. Matches will typically not be scheduled before 5 pm on Friday of tournament weekend.  At the discretion of the tournament director and if both players/teams agree, some matches may be scheduled before 5 pm Friday.
    7. A 15 minute default rule will be enforced.
    8. All main draw matches:  Regular Scoring.  2 out of 3 sets with a Match Tiebreaker (to 10 by 2) in lieu of 3rd set.  (Note: at discretion of the tournament director, third set in the Semis or Finals may be played out.).  Consolation matches may be a Pro Set at the discretion of the tournament director.
    9. Tournament entries may be limited to the first 32 entries.
    10. Two event limit for doubles per weekend.  One event limit for singles per weekend.
    11. Entrants who withdraw before the entry deadline will be reimbursed with a gift certificate for a future tournament.
    12. Absolutely NO refunds after entry deadline.
    13. Special time request must be in writing (e-mail is acceptable) and cannot be guaranteed.
    14. Weather permitting, consolation matches will be played outdoors.
    15. Seeding in Draws will be based on prior Grand Slam performance, NTRP ranking or Tournament Director discretion.


    USTA/PNW NTRP Ranking:

    NTRP ranking system for sanctioned NTRP tournaments will be in place for 2011.  Players will earn individual points for each category in NTRP tournaments (3.0, 3.5, 4.0, etc.) in the PNW which they play.  Besides earning points in a local NTRP tournament, their will be four Level II tournaments and two Level I tournaments in various sections of the PNW.  For example, winning a normal 4.0 level women's doubles sanctioned NTRP tournament, each player would receive 125 ranking points in 4.0 Women's Doubles in the ranking system for NTRP.  However, if that tournament were classified as a Level II tournament, the ranking points would be doubled and if that tournament was classified as a Level I tournament, the points would be quadrupled.  Tournaments that are Tier Level I classification are the Mt Park Doubles or Nothing in Portland Oregon and the Vivala Olympia Tennis Championship in Olympia Washington.  Tournaments that are Tier Level II classification are the VTC's  Grand Slam #4 Tournaments for Singles in Vancouver Washington, RBC Dain Rausher Yakima PNW Sectional Championship in Yakima Washington, Silver Lake NTRP Doubles Only in Everett Washington and Umpqua Valley Senior NTRP Championship in Roseburg Oregon.  All four VTC Grand Slam tournaments count towards your individual USTA/PNW NTRP Ranking.

    See the USTA/PNW website for more information on Ranking for NTRP tournaments in the PNW.


    Last Update 10/11/2010

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